DPO's Message

The District Police Mandi Bahauddin firmly believes in the rule of law and is always ready to combat crime. A crime free society is a message for the law-abiding citizens that their lives, honor and property are secure. The District Police Mandi Bahauddin has smashed dozens of notorious gangs and recovered stolen property valuing millions of rupees. Resultantly, the public at large willfully and voluntarily visited the Police office and expressed their gratitude on the act of bravery and velour. The District Police website places the entire Punjab Police on the Information Super Highway. It is a part of our initiative to introduce new technology in our working. This website currently provides useful information to the citizens. However, in near future we are planning to change it into a platform where citizens could share their problems. In this way we would be able to ensure adequate and prompt response to their demands.

pray that District Police Mandi Bahauddin may succeed in this gigantic task of protecting the life, liberty and property of its citizens through community support and cooperation.