New Constable Training

The best police officer training programmes in the world. It will teach you all about the various aspects of police work, including basic law, police procedures, physical fitness, people skills and emergency life saving techniques.

The recruits' course

The initial recruits' course covers separate themes such as 'policing for a diverse community' and 'managing crime scenes and suspects'. During this time you will develop a number of core skills:

  • Decision-making
  • Self motivation
  • Communication
  • Professional standards
  • Integrity

Each training theme has its own written and practical assessment. If at any point you don't reach the required standard we will do all we can to give you the assistance you need to improve.

  • Investigation
  • Mobile forensic
  • Computer Training
  • Record keeping 
  • Field work Training in Police Lines
  • Security Duty Training
  • Muharrar Course
  • Weapon Training

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